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Common questions

No, Blazma is only a platform that lists medical services and offers provided by medical laboratories, and it only sends the results of the tests to the user as it received from the laboratory. Blazma is not responsible for the content of the tests.

Blazma services are currently only available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Laboratories listed in Blazma cover most regions of the Kingdom. You can filter the nearest laboratories to your location and review all the offers and services they provide.

Yes, you can choose the tests you need for you and for your family members.

By contacting the customer service team or by email Blazma us at [email protected].

Clients questions

You should communicate directly with the laboratory that provided you with the service and request clarification or advice from the available doctor or specialist. You can get your laboratory contact information by going to the laboratory profile on the Blazma platform or through the report that was sent to you.

The time taken to issue the result depends on the policy of the laboratory that provides the service or the type of service you have chosen, so please contact the laboratory directly in case the result of your tests is delayed, as Blazma sends the result to the user as soon as it is issued, immediately and automatically.

The application ensures the privacy of your information as you are required to use a secret number, provided that you do not share it with anyone, in addition to the feature of authenticating the account via SMS or your e-mail.

By downloading Blazma application from APP/Play store, then click on “My Profile” tap in the main menu.

Other questions

Yes, VAT invoice link will be sent by text message to the user's phone upon purchasing the service and completing the payment process.

Downloading and using the application is completely free and the payment is made when benefiting from one of the services listed on the application.

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