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Certified Labs

Labs are CIBAHI and CAP certified, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality in every test we conduct.

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Data Confidentiality

Certified from HIBA. Guaranteeing the highest standards of providing secure, confidential, and reliable services

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Smart Report

A comprehensive smart report with easy and readable graphs and charts to simplify test result reading.

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Qualified Lab Staff

Well-selected and qualified lab technicians to serve you at your home

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How Our Service Works


Choose your test

Choose your test

Navigate through our platform to select the test or talk to our lab specialist to help choose your tests.

Confirm Location & Time

Our team will contact you to specify your preferred location and time for sample collection at your convenience.

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Collect Sample

Collect Sample

A qualified lab technician will visit you to collect your samples easily at your home.

Receive Result

You will get your test result on your mobile (SMS) in your comfort.

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Artificial intelligence

Use the help of artificial intelligence in choosing tests

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