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Genetics Tests


A non-invasife examination is done by drawing a blood sample from the pregnant woman in the tenth week of pregnancy and is characterized by the following: 1- Determining the sex of the fetus at an early stage of pregnancy with a very high accuracy that is greater than the rest of the other examinations. 2- Detection of the chromosomal abnormalities at a very early stage of pregnancy, such as Down syndrome, Patau syndrome, and others. 3- It can be performed in the case of a pregnancy with twins. 4- It can be performed in cases of IVF pregnancy.

Nutrition Panel

Find out how your body responds to different foods. If you understand your genetic variant, then you will know what you need to eat

Fitness Panel

Find out how your DNA affects your ability to recover from an intense workout, your metabolism, the strength of your core muscles

Skin Panel

Skin DNA testing involves analysis of specific markers for certain skin conditions, allergies, nutritional needs, susceptibility to aging, moisture, texture, and more.

Artificial intelligence

Use the help of artificial intelligence in choosing tests

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